Mid-back Stretches for the office

Are you finding that you have some tension or stiffness in your mid back. Especially after sitting at the desk for a period of time, whether at work or at home. This video go through 3 mid-back stretches for the office or home.

When can you do these stretches:

  • As a break if you are sitting and working at the desk
  • Standing at the desk workers will benefit too
  • Half way through the morning or afternoon
  • When you are feeling stiff, stressed or tense in your mid-back area

The three stretches

1. Mid-back twist:

Sitting on your chair and cross one leg over the over. Twist your spine towards the same side as the leg you have crossed. To increase the stretch, hold onto the chair and gently hold for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side.

2. Mid-back extension:

This stretch is great for the mid back, shoulders, hips and triceps.

  • pull chair away from desk
  • sit on the chair with legs apart
  • place forearms on desk while shoulders are spread out to the sides
  • lunge gently and feel the stretch in you back and front of shoulders
  • hold for 10 seconds

Variation:bring elbows in line with shoulders and bend then at 90 degrees, then lunge down again and feel the stretch in the back and triceps. Hold for 10 seconds

3. Wall Angel

This stretch is wonderful as it helps to stretch the mid-back, the front of the shoulders, the pectoral area, BUT it also help you to have a deeper understanding of how well you are holding your posture. If your posture is poor, this will be very difficult.

In fact, this is my favourite mid-back stretches for the office or home! Start slow and be persistent.

  • stand with feet slightly away from the wall
  • bottom, mid back and back of shoulders should be touching the wall
  • bend elbows to 90 degrees
  • bring arms up so finger tips are pointing to the ceiling

Aim to hold that posture for 20-30 seconds. If you find that your mid back doesn’t remain on the wall, then keep doing stretch one and two above and add a pectoral stretch below, until you find Wall Angel easier.


If you try any of these exercises and find that they aggravate you, then please stop and consult your musculoskeletal expert.

Day 24 PROS Posture Month – Easy Pec Stretch

Lisa Smycz


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