Neck pain can be due to a mid back HUMP…

Have you been suffering with unexplained neck pain and symptoms? In this blog we are are exploring how neck issues can be due to mid back hump.

And it’s not the neck!

The mid back is often the cause

One of the most common reasons for mystery neck pain is an increase in the mid back curve. What we chiropractors, and other health professionals call, HYPER-KYPHOSIS, and increase in the thoracic kyphosis.

What does Hyper-kyphosis look like?

This spinal change is signified by an increased rounding in the mid back, a stooping if you like. The mid back has a slight backward curve, however, when this curve increases it places extra strain on other areas, including the neck.

Neck issues can be due to mid back hump.

How does the mid back hump cause neck pain?

When there is a hump in the mid back, often the body compensates by jutting the head forward. This forward head posture increases the strain in the muscles, joints, nerves and discs of the neck and can cause jamming of the skull on the upper neck.

What symptoms are seen?

There are a range of symptoms, the severity depending on how severe the spinal deformity is and how long the problem has been present for.

Here are a few symptoms people come in to our office with:

  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness in neck
  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Poor self image, due to poor posture

How do we treat the mid back hump?

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) uses a multimodal approach.

  1. .Change curve.

We look at changing the angle of the hump by using a spinal orthotic, called a Thoracic Denneroll. This device is used at home for a period of time, under the guidance of the CBP chiropractor.

2. Spinal adjustments.

When posture has been altered, then joints can and often do get stuck. Gentle spinal adjustments help to increase the flexibility of the spine, assisting in other areas of treatment.

3. Neuromuscular rehab exercises.

Altered movement patterns in the spine will lead to weakening of some muscles, so often Mirror Image Exercises ®.

Research results

In 2022 a randomised control study (1) looked a how CBP affected the outcome of people with chronic non-specific neck pain. 80 people with neck pain and an increase in thoracic kyphosis, a hump, were treated with the thoracic Denneroll.

Outcome after 10 weeks: after 30 visits the group that used the Denneroll had an average of 18degree improvement in the hump. They also improved more in pain, disability and sensorimotor control

Outcome after 1year : the Denneroll group maintained all their results after one year, where as the control group did not.

DO you need help?

If you feel that your neck problem is coming from a hump in your mid back, then please contact your local CBP chiropractor to assess your spine. Too many people are suffering unnecessarily – don’t let spinal pain and deformity stop you enjoying your life.

Lisa Smycz

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Lisa, director

(1)Moustafa, I.M.; Shousha, T.M.; Walton, L.M.; Raigangar, V.; Harrison, D.E. Reduction of Thoracic Hyper-Kyphosis Improves Short and Long Term Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Nonspecific Neck Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J. Clin. Med. 202211, 6028.