Parents – frustrated with your child’s or teen’s POSTURE?

Parents, if you need help getting your CHILD’S/ TEENAGER’S Posture, then this post will help you explain to them why it’s important. The posture we are exploring is forward head posture (FHP).

2 recent Research Papers help explain


A recent Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) research paper looked at the influence Forward Head Posture (FHP) has on the performance of college athletes. Looking at how sport is influenced by posture is a great way to get your child’s attention. The paper was published in the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation (1) and looked at:

How FHP affected:

  • Stork Balance test static
  • Y-Balance test dynamic
  • Dynamic T-Test agility performance
  • Leg power Vertical leap

College athletes that had FHP were less efficient than the athletes that didn’t have FHP, when performing the tests above. There was a strong correlation between FHP and athletic performance. Poor head posture correlated with poorer sports performance. What a great way to encourage a child’s/teenager’s posture!



A very recent paper (2) that looked at FHP and the effect that it had on somatosensory evoked potentials and somatosensory processing. This amazing study showed that as the CVA (cranio-vertebral angle) decreased and the FHP increased.

FHP altered:

  • central conduction time
  • Somatosensory processing
  • Sesnori-motor integration (N30)

It found that people in full time work increased the odds of having a higher amplitude of SEP’s and lower N13-20 conduction.

FOR EVERY 1degree of increase in the CVA (better FHP) resulted in FASTER N13-20 CONDUCTION TIME. This is a great thing and may explain why the athletes are performing better without FHP.

Central conduction time gets better with better head posture!!! Posture of athletes may need more consideration when it comes to improving performance. So if you need help with your CHILD’S/ TEENAGER’S Posture, please go through these vital new research paper results with them. 

Find your local CBP doctor to find out how FHP can be improved.

Lisa Smycz

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(1) Comparison of Sensorimotor Integration and Skill-Related Physical Fitness Components Between College Athletes With and Without Forward Head Posture in Journal of Sport Rehabilitation  Ibrahim Moustafa*,1,2Meeyoung Kim1, and Deed E. Harrison2,3 2022
(2) Does Forward Head Posture Influence Somatosensory Evoked Potentials and Somatosensory Processing in Asymptomatic Young Adults? Ibrahim M. Moustafa 1,2, Aliaa Attiah Mohamed Diab 1,3 and Deed E. Harrison 4,* 2023