Some surprising research

Recent research in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, shows us when bad posture feels good. They found that people with forward head posture (FHP) find that their neck is less painful when slouching. Sitting up feels more uncomfortable.

What is Forward Head Posture (FHP)?

FHP is abnormal posture, when the head sits in front of the shoulders, as opposed to sitting directly above the shoulders. This posture is commonly seen with those who sit with poor posture, while using phones or other electronic devices, for prolonged periods of time.

The research:

The Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) recent research looked at the effect on the nerve function of the lower neck in 2 groups of people, assuming different postures.

The 2 groups were;

Group 1 : 30 people with normal head posture (NHP)

Group 2 : 30 people with Forward Head Posture (FHP)

They looked at the interference to the lower cervical (neck) nerves, in both these groups while they were in 3 postures;

  1. Sitting upright
  2. Slouched posture
  3. Lying supine (on their backs)

The surprise in the results was that the people with FHP had LESS STRESS on their neck nerves when they assumed a slouched posture! Their nerves were more STRESSED when they tried to sit upright!

Why? OPPOSITE results to what we were expecting to see

The authors say that the reason may be due to a lack of strength in the muscles at the front of the neck when they try and sit upright. Their ligaments are holding the neck more than the muscles.

It makes sense why people with bad neck posture, FHP, feel better slouching.

Should you continue to slouch while sitting?

This study does not condone slouching, not at all. This study demonstrates how bad spinal alignment not only changes the way muscles, ligaments and joints function, BUT, changes the way the nerves function in a NEUTRAL posture. 

If you need help with your posture, and want to know more about ‘when bad posture feels good’, please reach out!

Lisa Smycz

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